Buffalo LS-V1.0TL LinkStation Pro 1 TB Network Attached Storage

Buffalo Tech has been a name in computer infrastructure for almost 40 years. With the boom of external USB drives their personal computer product line took off. With the Buffalo LS-V1.0TL LinkStation Pro 1 TB High Performance Network Attached Storage they hope to combine their know-how in business environments and home environments to bring you a quality home NAS. Here’s our review

Buffalo LS-V1.0TL LinkStation Pro 1 TB Network Attached Storage

Price Range: $160 – $175

Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars

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High performance 1.6 GHz processor

NovaBACKUP for Windows PCs

WebAccess App for your iPhone, iPod or iPad

Time Machine support for Macs

Buffalo LS-V1.0TL LinkStation Pro 1 TB High Performance Network Attached Storage Product Description

As far as the single disk home NAS devices go, Buffalo Tech is one of the leaders in this field and the Buffalo LinkStation Pro 1 TB NAS does what it’s supposed to with no frills and that is serve as a fairly fast network attached storage for home. Buffalo Linkstation Pro Connection Diagram

Convenient access over the network and a transfer speed of 76 MBps (faster than USB 2.0). Easy to setup: uses a wired connection to your home wireless router and can then be instantly accessed by a number of devices.

Can also function as personal “cloud” storage – Buffalo’s also features free WebAccess service which means you can use a standard web browser from any internet accessible computer to access your files at home. Optionally, you can use apps on the Apple store on your iPhone and iPad for access as well.

For backup purposes, compatible with Mac Time Machine and also includes NovaBACKUP Professional software for Window (five licenses).

Buffalo LinkStation Pro 1 TB Network Attached Storage PROS AND CONS


  • Good access times/read times with the additional CPU – access is as if it’s a second drive on your computer and compatible with a wide spectrum of devices
  • Easy setup – just plugged it in and it shows up on your computers as an additional drive.
  • Great for people who are not “technology gurus”
  • Affordable solution for extra network storage – great for those starting out into NAS
  • Runs very quietly and cool.
  • A lot of features available (you probably wont’ use most)


  • Be aware of the “automatic” power position because it will shutoff due to inactivity – if you access your device on the road a lot you do not want it to auto shutoff
  • Software is a bit slow, not intuitive – this can be annoying again if you plan to use it a lot (which will be if you plan to use a lot of the extra features and applications)
  • Write times have been said to be slower than expected – this is an inexensive simple NAS device, not a large scale device so don’t expect top notch performance

Overall, when it comes to the very simple single disk network attached storage at home, this is the bestseller and rightfully so. Most hard core techs won’t use a simple NAS (opting probably for Drobo NAS or Synology NAS), but if you’re looking for something simple to set up, this Buffalo LinkStation Pro 1 TB NAS is really good.

It is basically plug and go as a fileserver. For all the other features it may take a bit of time to set up but with patience this guy has a lot of great applications and features available. Very good choice for those looking to dip their toe into network storage or add extra network storage to an existing home office.

What Buyers Are Saying

“Excellent product. This is my 3rd Buffalo NAS. The other two are many years old and are still running. I have never had an issue with a Buffalo product. Newer models keep getting better, smaller and faster…(READ MORE)”

“This is the third Buffalo Technologies NAS I have purchased, and all have been outstanding products. This latest addition was for more storage for Macs that have been added to my network, so I wanted a server dedicated to the Mac files and time machine backups. When first implemented, there was no support for the latest version of OSX-Lion, but Buffalo soon had the required firmware and software updates available, and the backup has worked perfectly since installation… (READ MORE)”

“First I am no techie, I really don’t know much about NAS (Network Attached Storage) I just needed to have certain files where all computers could have access to them at all times, regardless if all other computers were turned off. The set up was very simply. It now shows up as drive L on all my computers.I am able to have multiple computers working off the same file on the Linkstation at the same time. The access time is really pretty good.There is no delay at all when you go to browse the Linkstation. Acts just like a second hard drive on the computer.There are an awful lot of other features with this thing that I have yet to explore. For now, for me it does exactly what I bought it for and does it very well…(READ MORE)”

* see all reviews here

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 stars.

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Source of Buyer Reviews and Description: Amazon.com

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